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Subject Code 011 - Cariology

Remineralizing agents: effects on acid-softened enamel
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[exercise #372]

Subject Code 012 - Anatomy

Microcomputed tomographic evaluation of mandibular molars with single distal canals
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #373]


Subject Code 016 - Pharmacotherapeutics

What every dentist should know about metformin, diabetes, and cancer
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[exercise #375]

Subject Code 017 - Dental Materials

Influence of an arginine-containing toothpaste on bond strength of different adhesive systems to eroded dentin
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #381]

Influence of irradiance on Knoop hardness, degree of conversion, and polymerization shrinkage of nanofilled and microhybrid composite resins
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #382]

Properties of dual-cure, bulk-fill composite resin restorative materials
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #384]

Effect of a new salivary-contaminant removal method on bond strength
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #386]


Subject Code 070 - Endodontics

The impact of endodontic irrigating solutions on the push-out shear bond strength of glass fiber posts luted with resin cements
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #379]

Subject Code 132 - Anesthesia and Pain Control

Effect of a new local anesthetic buffering device on pain reduction during nerve block injections
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #378]


Subject Code 154 - Sports Dentistry & Mouthguards

Effect of clenching with a mouthguard on head acceleration during heading of a soccer ball
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #376]

Subject Code 153 - Psychosocial, Anxiety, & Fear in Dentistry

Psychosocial impact of anterior dental esthetics on periodontal health, dental caries, and oral hygiene practices in young adults
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #383]


Subject Code 250 - Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

Influence of irrigation protocols on the bond strength of fiber posts cemented with a self-adhesive luting agent 24 hours after endodontic treatment
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #370]

Effect of prolonged air drying on the bond strength of adhesive systems to dentin
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #377]

Subject Code 562 - Digital/Video Imaging

Detection of Class II caries on the iPad with Retina Display
[take test]
[exercise #996]


671 - Complete Dentures

Effect of toothbrushes and denture brushes on heat-polymerized acrylic resins
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #380]

Subject Code 704 - Implant Placement Surgery

Maxillary sinus and success of dental implants: an update
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #371]


Subject Code 734 - Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Solitary neurofibroma: a rare occurrence on gingiva
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #385]

Subject Code 781 - Tooth Whitening/Bleaching

In vitro evaluation of calcium and phosphorus concentrations in enamel submitted to an in-office bleaching gel treatment containing calcium
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #374]

Effects of green tea on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets after in-office vital bleaching
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #387]